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There’s someone out here looking for the same thing.  Time to meet multiple of them in one night!

Drum Roll please…….Free drinks will be provided!  Liquid courage is provided to all.

Enjoy multiple dates in one night! No need to wonder or guess if this person shares your same interest.   Our goal is to find you that “special someone” that understands what makes you unique.  Here’s your opportunity to meet face to face with people seeking the same thing.

All of our events are exclusive to singles seeking a meaningful connection and lasting relationships.

-Ages: 30 and over

-Our event is limited to 15 men/women

-Venue is held in a private area

-low pressure

-Time limit on each date: 5 mins

-Results will be available within 24 hrs

Our speed dating events are unique so it fills up quickly !

Upcoming events: Dominant/submissive and interracial

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